The Internet Controllable Model Railroad is currently
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Welcome to the home of the only and greatest internet controllable model railroad. The railroad is an N scale layout with an inner loop, an outer loop, a siding and web controllable transition switches. Locomotives are Atlas DCC units. DCC signals are generated by a circuit board carrying a Netburner MOD5270 module that we build. It offers features such as a port expander, a 16 bit 4 channel A/D, 16 channels of 12 bit PWM and a relay driver. With programming it can be applied to a wide array of Internet of Things applications.

We also build a unique machine vision system that facilitates model railroad automatic trip navigation and layout location reporting without sensors (except the analog camera) and wires.

Note that we build custom systems to allow you to build your own internet model railroad or connect anything you want to the internet. See the contact page. But meanwhile - click the 'Run Our Railroad' button in the site navigation box above to operate the trains!

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For more movies and tutorial information click the Watch Movie button in the site navigation box to the left. The chat client on our contact page is also an excellent place to ask any questions. Navigation links to the left.

Photo below shows initial testing of the prototype control unit. These can be built with potentiometers for local control and other features. Spare relays and high current PWM channels are available for control of building lighting and other layout features as required. Note that the track circuit is protected by a current limiting and self resetting fuse. Other functions and internet connection are maintained with the track shorted. The track driver H bridge module is inexpensive and easily replaced should that ever be required. Unit is capable of programming locomotives to the addresses used - there is no need to buy any other DCC equipment.

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